Institutional Activities

Fondazione Marche, committed to the renewal and growth of the Marche production system above all through young entrepreneurship, has always supported start-up projects with a particular focus on creating youth employment.

The goal of the activity is to invest in the territorial development of the Marche Region, using specific cultural projects to help develop economic opportunities and create employment opportunities.

The purpose of this activity is to provide exclusively merit-based scholarships to young Marche citizens for projects that promote knowledge and dissemination of innovations in the Marche economic and social fabric.

The aim of the activity is to create or sponsor conferences, meetings and initiatives to enrich knowledge on topics deemed relevant both to economic and scientific issues and to the dissemination of best practices in addressing issues of broad interest.

The goal is to develop technological and health initiatives in the Marche Region to address elderly issues and thereby make Marche a central player in this field. The phenomenon of demographic changes with increased life expectancy brought about by innovations in products and services opens up enormous opportunities to improve the lives of stakeholders and identify new needs and markets that can be addressed by launching or developing economic activities.

The goal of the initiatives is to help communities and enterprises particularly affected by the events of 2016 through donations and technical-management assistance to local enterprises.


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